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Nepal is a small, independent, beautiful, peaceful, landlocked and mountainous country, situated in the continent of Asia between between the Peoples Republic of China and India. Mount Everest, the Highest mountain in the world (8848 meters) from sea level is located in Nepal where tourists in large number visit to climb, and to see the Himalayas (mountains), Natural beauty and historical culture.

About 85% of total population is in the villages where the people work hard in their respective fields. Some people are assigned to cottage industry. Nepal is famous for handicrafts such as carpet and pashmina. Owing to the unemployment problem in the country, the government has granted approval to foreign employment maintaining due process through the concerned agencies or organization to provide necessary manpower to the foreign countries.

Nepalese manpower assigned to the British army have earned good reputation by their honesty, discipline & bravery and are famous as Gurkhas of Nepal. Tourism is one of the main sources of income of Nepal where the facility of jungle safari, rafting, trekking and sight-seeing is abundantly available for the tourists. 

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